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The Littlest Heros-- Team Photographer

The Littlest Heros-- Team Photographer
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

March is Last minute 2009 Senior special month!

Are you graduationg this year? Didn't do senior pics yet? It's not too late! 2009 seniors only, book and pay for a session in the month of March and get 25% off your session and a set of wallets free!
Session does not have to be in March. It just needs to be booked and paid for in March.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentine cards...

Ok, so I didn't make cards for the baby, and HE picked out what he was wearing for the pics. lol. He just saw big bub and sis getting pics done and he needed some too.

He loves his boots and his hat. Wears them around the house like this often!

this was after watching Hunter lay on his stomach. Too funny. He's such a clown.

And here are the cards we are doing. The reason there is selective focus on their hands like that is because we are going to cut a little slit at the top and bottom of their hands and insert a sucker so it will be like they are handing a sucker out of their cards... These will be made on 4x6 linen postcards. The backsides have the same pattern as the design on the front and just a TO: and FROM: line with their names and then my photography info at the bottom.
Click the photos to see larger.